Attention Busy Entrepreneurs: 
frustrated that your home doesn’t look and feel like the palace of your dreams?
 Hands-Off Housekeeping - for smart entrepreneur’s READY to manage their home ‘CEO-style’ 
The Buffa ‘Sparkle’ System teaches you EVERYTHING you need to make Hands-Off Housekeeping a reality in your home - so you can finally conquer those mundane tasks and free up time for your biz and your life … and still have a Martha Stewart (or fussy MIL) approved home!
If you’re a busy entrepreneur who wants her home running as smoothly as her business, but has no idea what needs to be done when, how often, and by whom….
Then I’m about to grant your wish!

This is for you if you currently have a housekeeper, a cleaning service, are ready to have some help in your home… or just want home mangament SOPs that fit into your busy life!
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Do you dream of having the type of home that’s...
  • Consistently “Instagram Ready” that you have the freedom to go Live from any room of your any time!
  • White-Glove-Inspection clean… so that your home looks clean, feels clean, smells clean, heck, it even sounds clean, and if you really wanted tastes clean and you could eat off the floor!
  • Looks like it was organized by Marie Kondo that you can stop drooling over the color coded, gorgeous organized pantries and linen closets on IG, and be the proud owner of one!!!
  • Ready for you to say “Be our guest” to an unexpected visitor at the drop of a hat...because nobody’s got time for a 48 hour marathon cleaning session to get the house ready for guests!
  • Clean enough to satisfy even the fussiest mother-in-law...because there’s clean, and there’s MIL-Ready Clean!
    But you think it would take some magic pixie dust or a gang of magical woodland creatures 
    (you watch too much Disney ;-) )
    Hey, I’m Ashley ( Mom of 10, creator of the Smart Kids Chore System, Home CEO, Kids in and IRL faerie godmother to high-achieving entrepreneurs like you)
    In this 2-hour workshop, I’ll show you the same household bliss creating Sparkle System that my high-end private clients pay me thousands (not to mention the never-ending gratitude) for sharing with them.

    You will leave with a bespoke SOP for a home refresh that moves you effortlessly through the 3 stages of the Buffa ‘Sparkle’ System:
    • Ground Zero: The Busiest Day Survival Mode Method - the system that keeps you out of chaos even when your schedule is jam-packed.
    • Flight Zone: You’re at the controls - your house feels clean and fresh - you experience the joy of a beautiful home that energises and supports you.
    • Cruise Control: Everything in your home has a place and looks beautiful - you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Life is effortless, and you can’t wait to walk through your front door... or even do an impromptu Insta Live Stream.
    • Control Deck: Best part is...the SOPs we create will form the perfect Sparkle Framework for your cleaner, housekeeper, or home help… so that you can spend MORE time working on your biz (or hanging out with people you love)!!! 
    As a busy entrepreneur, you should NOT be doing this alone and getting GREAT help at home is an investment that every successful entrepreneur should make!

    Although this is a 2-hour workshop, I have blocked off my entire afternoon. 

    We will be ending with Q&A, and I will stay on the call until the very last question has been answered!

    Wednesday, August 18 from 1pm eDT to 3pm EDT!
    (Value: $199)
    I Get Told All Of The Time...“I Wish That I Could Be A Fly On The Wall In Your Home And Just Watch How You Do It All Day Long!”

    As The Mother Of 10 Children, I’ve Spent The Last Decade-And-A-Half Dedicated To Cracking The Code To Effective And Sanity-Saving Home Management. I Mean...Who REALLY Wants To Live In A Messy Pig-Sty?

    Not This Lady!

    The Truth Of The Matter Is...
    Housework Is Systems. That’s ALL It Is!

    Systems that we CAN and SHOULD outsource!
    Just like you have systems and SOPs in your business, you must have systems and SOPs in your home.

    A lot of entrepreneurs have taken that first HUGE step and hired a cleaning service to come in once every two weeks...or if you’ve really hit the jackpot, you have someone coming in WEEKLY!

    But here’s the sad truth. Most housekeepers and cleaning services don’t actually know what needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly in order to TRULY have a consistently clean and organized home. They just cover the basics...bathrooms, floors, and dusting.

    But true home management encompasses so many more tasks!
    More important than knowing WHAT to clean though is knowing the PRIORITY level that should be assigned to each task...and THAT is exactly what you will be learning.

    For instance...should you be worried about organizing when your home is filled to the brim with clutter?
    Absolutely NOT!

    Should you be worried about dusty baseboards when your feet are literally sticking to the floor?
    Nope, nope, NOPE!
    Enrollment for this round of the workshop closes on Tuesday, August 17! 
    It will be at LEAST another month before I open enrollment up again! Let’s get this tackled NOW so you have time to implement before the school year starts!

    The Workshop will take place on Wednesday, August 18 from 1pm eDT until 3pm EDT...

    Don't worry! It will be Recorded. But I'd love for you to be there LIVE, especially for the Q&A! - Refund Policy - Privacy Policy - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions